Hos Tandklinikken Helleruphus kan du forvente tryg, omhyggelig og professionel behandling. Klinikkens personale har et tæt samarbejde, hvilket altid sikre vores patienter den bedste rådgivning og behandling.
medlem af danmark

Member of "Sygeforsikringen Danmark"

Tandklinikken Helleruphus cooperates with the health insurance “Danmark”.

This means that we automatically - and daily - report which treatments have been performed. Automatic and electronic reporting ensures that the health insurance always receives the correct information, and the amount to be reimbursed is not delayed unnecessarily.

Did your insurancegroup change at “denmark” but not been notified to the clinic, the expected subsidy amount on the bill may deviate from the actual amount. However, you will always be paid the correct amount, as we report benefit numbers on the treatments performed and not amounts. Read more on health insurance “Denmark's website, where you can also - via MitID log-in - see which treatments / services have been reported, including the status of payments.


Porcelain fused to metal bridges 

21585 kr.

Composite fillings

Filling, two surfaces / Molar

Filling, three surfaces / Premolar

Filling, four surfaces / Premolar

Filling, four surfaces / Molar

Filling, five surfaces / Premolar

1648 kr.

1803 kr.

1931 kr.

2369 kr.

2266 kr.


Porcelain crown / Front tooth 

Metal ceramic porcelain crown / Molar

7395 kr.

7195 kr.

Root canal treatments

Root canal treatment in four canals / Molar

5856 kr.

Cemented prefabricated stift in root treated tooth - two x-rays included

1434 kr.


Insertion of implant in the jawbone without sinuslift

10390 kr.

Dental splints

Hard bite splint

3985 - 5700 kr.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening for use at home

2995 kr.

Teeth straightening

Teeth straightening with "invisible" aligners (prices depend of needed treatment)

from 15000 kr.

vedvarende behandlinger


At Tandklinikken Helleruphus, we offer free financing for larger treatments. In collaboration with SparXpres, we can offer easy, efficient and fast financing - completely without interest and hidden fees. You pay DKK 0, in addition to the price of your dental treatment and have the option of dividing your payment into 10, 20 or 30 months.

Larger treatments typically include implants, bridges, crowns and teeth aligners.

This is how it works


Fill out and send application

Financing dentist denmark


Sign with Nem-ID/ Mit-ID

financing copenhagen


The loan is payed to us

Financing Dentist Hellerup

Your treatment can now begin!