Hos Tandklinikken Helleruphus kan du forvente tryg, omhyggelig og professionel behandling. Klinikkens personale har et tæt samarbejde, hvilket altid sikre vores patienter den bedste rådgivning og behandling.


Tandklinikken Helleruphus

uarters on Strandvejen 102E, we have built one of the area's most modern dental clinics.

The clinic, which is over 300 sqm, is designed to  to creating optimal conditions for the patients, so that treatments and patient care have primary focus. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology to achieve the best treatment solutions and a high level of information to our patients. The reception area, which is bright and friendly, is designed so that people with walking difficulties and disabled people have unhindered access to the entire area.

We are located at street level.

If you have arrived in good time beforeyour treatment, we always offer you a lovely cup coffee or tea. In addition, there is free wi-fi access (encrypted) if you want to use your own computer / tablet / smart phone.

If you want to visit the clinic before a possible appointment, you are always very welcome to stop by.

Should you require further information about the clinic, the treatments or the people behindTandlægehuset Helleruphus, you are welcome to call us, where our receptionist will be helpful.


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New at the clinic?

When you first visit Tandlægeklinikken Helleruphus, you will be received by receptionist. A questionnaire is handed out so that we can record all relevant patient information. we therefore recommend that you arrive approx. 10 minutes before the start of treatment, the first time you visit the clinic. While filling out the form, you can relax in our reception area, where you will find cool spring water and a wide selection of interesting magazine.

Free Wi-Fi is of course also available.

As a service to all patients at the dental clinic, we can offer to send automatic reminders of appointments for treatment, either by email or by text message. This service does not cost extra.